Brochures & fact sheets

 Introducing NOPSEMA

Objective-based regulation

Approval & regulatory process

 Offshore petroleum lifecycle

Introducing NOPSEMA Introducing NOPSEMA Image - Flowchart - The offshore petroleum approval and regulatory process - April 2016  OffshoreLifecycleBrochure web 002 Page 1 

Environmental approvals

Environment plan approvals

Offshore project proposal approvals

Safety case approvals

 Offshore petroleum environmental approvals ADW9569.tmp.pdf Page 1  Image - Flowchart - Assessment for offshore project plans - April 2016   Image - Offshore petroleum safety case approvals brochure cover

 Well integrity approvals  

Public comment on environment plans 

 Requirements for consultation and public comment


 Image - Offshore petroleum well intregrity approvals Image - Offshore petroleum safety case approvals brochure cover Requirements for effective consultation on petroleum activities in Commonwealth waters  

Oil spill modelling  

Oil spill dispersants 

Oil spill preparedness 

 Oil spill response strategies 

 Offshore petroleum environmental approvals  oIl spill dispersants cover  oIl spill arrangements cover  oIl spill strategies cover

Marine seismic surveys at a glance