The importance of a nominated liaison person

Article published in the Regulator | Issue 1: 2016 

For every petroleum activity, the Environment Regulations require the titleholder to nominate and provide the contact details of a liaison person and for NOPSEMA to publish this information on its website. The primary purpose of this is to facilitate communication between stakeholders and the titleholder after submission and throughout the life of the activity. Consultation with stakeholders throughout the life of a petroleum activity is just as important to responsible environmental management as it is during development of an environment plan. By providing a point of contact to NOPSEMA, stakeholders know how they can raise concerns or queries with the titleholder directly and in a timely manner. This also provides a mechanism for titleholders to become aware of changes, particularly to the social, economic and cultural features of the environment that may affect the basis of the impact or risk assessment for the petroleum activity. The Environment plan content requirements (PDF 953KB) on NOPSEMA’s website provides further information on the purpose and requirements of a nominated liaison person.