Engaging with stakeholders on environmental management

Article published in the Regulator | Issue 3: 2018 

NOPSEMA continues to strive to increase community confidence in the offshore petroleum regulatory regime by engaging with its stakeholders on environmental management matters in an effective and meaningful manner.

NOPSEMA welcomes face-to-face meetings and regularly briefs Commonwealth, state and local government representatives; environmental non-government organisations; fishing associations; other marine users and community stakeholders. This type of engagement typically seeks to better inform stakeholders of our regulatory processes and provide them with an opportunity to raise any issues or concerns relating to environmental management directly with the regulator.

To promote various initiatives and gain feedback, NOPSEMA frequently hosts and participates in a number of public and industry workshops and forums. For example, NOPSEMA hosted a workshop for the multi-agency Transparency Initiative in June 2018 to update stakeholders on the outcomes and future work of the initiative. In March 2018, NOPSEMA established a Community and Environment Reference Group which offers a new avenue for the regulator to receive community views on our performance. These workshops and forums provide NOPSEMA with valuable insight into the views of our stakeholders and assists the regulator in addressing concerns and prioritising areas for improvement.

Providing engagement opportunities for the broader community is also a key priority for NOPSEMA and is reflected in our participation in a number of open days and community events. For example, NOPSEMA participated in a series of open days across four locations in South Australia in August 2018. A number of other Commonwealth and state government agencies involved in the offshore oil and gas lifecycle also participated to provide the community with an opportunity to learn more about the administration and regulation of the industry. The sessions were well-received with many interested members of the community attending as well as individuals from commercial fisheries, environmental groups, local government, small business and tourism.

If you are interested in engaging with NOPSEMA on environmental management matters, or wish to learn more about the regulation of the offshore oil and gas industry, visit nopsema.gov.au/community-information. If you are interested in receiving the latest news and information subscribe to environmental management news at nopsema.gov.au/subscribe