An open discussion about environmental management

Article published in the Regulator | Issue 1: 2017

In December 2016, NOPSEMA hosted four open days in Perth and Melbourne providing interested stakeholders an opportunity to improve their understanding of the offshore petroleum environmental management approvals process through direct engagement with NOPSEMA’s environment specialists and managers.

The open days received a high level of interest with over 80 attendees from a variety of oil and gas companies, consultancies, government agencies and environmental non-government organisations. The ’open day’ style event provided the attendees an opportunity to seek advice directly from regulatory specialists who carry out environment plan assessments on day-to-day basis.

A key driver of the open days was to discuss NOPSEMA’s environment plan decision-making guidelines which clarify how NOPSEMA makes its decisions during the assessment of an environment plan. NOPSEMA’s specialists also provided the attendee’s their regulatory insight in addressing questions about the regulatory challenges facing petroleum activities and the assessment of impacts and risks relating to those activities.

Based on the encouraging interest shown by stakeholders, NOPSEMA is considering holding future open days on a broad range of topics. NOPSEMA is committed to providing stakeholders further opportunities to interact directly with the regulator. To register your interest in future open days, or to provide suggestions on potential topics, please email