Offshore project proposals open for public comment

Proposals currently open for comment

The public is invited to comment on the proposals in the table below. Comments must be submitted to NOPSEMA by the date indicated.  Comments may be submitted via secure file transfer here:


Or email to Comments must be received within the specified time period in order to be considered.

For more information on how to give comments please refer to IP1664 - OPP public comment - Rev 1 - July 2016 (PDF 366KB)

Proposal details Contact for public comment Public comment period Documents
No proposals currently open for comment    

* Commonwealth Waters adjacent to given state or territory

Proposal submissions

Information below provides a summary of proposals for which the public comment period has closed. Following this period, the proponent is responsible for considering and addressing public comments prior to resubmission of the proposal. NOPSEMA will then decide whether to accept or refuse to accept an OPP based on the requirements of the Environment Regulations. If the proposal is accepted, a copy of the final accepted OPP is published. If the proposal is not accepted, NOPSEMA will publish a statement of reasons for the refusal.

Proposal details Public comment period Status Documents
No proposals received    

* Commonwealth Waters adjacent to given state or territory