Use the search and filter mechanisms to refine search results, locate specific information and identify the criteria you wish to subscribe to. The search page has one free text search and multiple drop-down lists to target specific information relating to an environment plan submission.

Free text search

The ‘Free text search’ field allows you to search for keywords anywhere in the details for each EP submission with the exception of uploaded documents (e.g. environment plan summary) and the location map. The free text search is useful if there are particular keywords associated with an activity such as the activity name, activity type, or titleholder.

The ‘Free text search’ searches for whole or partial words, and all words entered must appear in a published record for it to appear in the results. You can also use quotation-marks to search for phrases.

Drop-down lists

The drop down lists and date ranges allow you to search on specific fields, which assists in narrowing down the submissions displayed in the search results. These fields are useful for accessing information on submissions: in particular regions or titles; received within a particular timeframe; made by a particular titleholder(s).

You can combine ‘Free text search’ with the drop down lists to further refine searches.


Status refers to the status of the EP decision. Those ‘under assessment’ indicate that NOPSEMA has not yet made a decision as to whether the EP complies with the Environment Regulations.

Search by Region

Click on the map to select a region of interest to include in the search criteria. Multiple regions may be selected. Click OK once regions have been selected then search to generate search results.

Subscribing to updates

You can subscribe to receive updates via email. Update emails are sent once per day.

Note:  To ensure your spam filter does not block emails from our website, try adding to your address book or safe senders list.

Subscribe to search results

You can subscribe to particular criteria within search fields to receive email notification when new submissions corresponding to the selected criteria are either published or the status of an existing environment plan record is updated.

In most circumstances each environment plan record will be updated up to three times:

  1. on submission
  2. when an assessment decision is made
  3. when the environment plan summary document is published.

Other changes to environment plan records will also trigger an email notification (e.g. change of titleholder liaison person).

To subscribe to receive email notifications of updates to environment plan records, first execute a ‘search’ on the desired criteria, then click ‘subscribe’ and follow the confirmation prompts in the confirmation email.

You will receive an email once per day with a listing of all environment plan records that match your search and have been updated in the past 24 hours.

Subscribing to individual Environment Plan records

To receive email updates specific to an environment plan record use the subscribe link in the search results page, or the subscribe button on the details page.

Common subscriptions – examples

Notification of all changes including new submissions and updates

To be notified of all new submissions and environment plan record updates, run an ‘open’ search (with nothing selected in any of the search boxes) and then click subscribe.

Notification of submissions in a specific region(s)

Select the desired region or regions (from either the map or location drop-down list) and click ‘search’ then click ‘subscribe’.

Notification when specific EP submission is accepted

To be notified when an EP submission is accepted only, select "Accepted" in the Status drop down and click search then click subscribe. This will email you with all newly accepted environment plans and all updates to accepted plans, such as the publication of the environment plan summary.

Unsubscribe to notifications

You are able to unsubscribe at any time. Each email you are sent will have a link to unsubscribe to searches individually or all at once.