Gippsland Offshore Operations

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Gippsland Offshore Operations
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Operation of a petroleum pipeline, Any other petroleum-related activity
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Cooper Energy Limited
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Revision (Change of Circumstances or Operations)
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Basker-Manta-Gummy (BMG) Non-Production Phase

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Submission of new EP 13/12/2018 NOPSEMA decision 14/01/2019 Not applicable
Unable to make a decision within 30 days – complex assessment 14/01/2019 NOPSEMA decision 21/01/2019 Not applicable
Request for further information 17/01/2019 Titleholder action 16/02/2019 Not applicable
Extension of timeframe 05/02/2019 Titleholder action 08/03/2019 Not applicable
Submission of further information 05/03/2019 NOPSEMA decision 19/03/2019 Not applicable
Acceptance of EP 14/03/2019 Titleholder action 24/03/2019 Decision notification (pdf 181 KB)
Submission of EP summary 23/03/2019 NOPSEMA decision 06/04/2019 Not applicable
Publication of EP summary 11/04/2019 Not applicable

* The next event is based on NOPSEMA’s understanding and expectation of what may occur next in the assessment process. There are a number of other events that may occur, and events may happen sooner or later than expected. All events will be published in this table as and when they take place.

Activity description

Cooper Energy Limited (Cooper Energy) holds a 100% interest and is the operator of the Gippsland Offshore Operations assets off Victoria’s south-west coast within the following Licence areas:

  • Basker Manta Gummy (BMG) fields and associated infrastructure in VIC/RL13, VIC/RL14 and VIC/RL15, approximately 55 km from Cape Conran;
  • Patricia Baleen gas field and associated infrastructure in VIC/L21, 25 km south of Marlo, and associated pipeline and umbilical (VIC/PL31 and VIC/PL31(V)) to the Orbost Gas Plant; and
  • Sole gas field and associated infrastructure in VIC/L32, 40 km south of Bemm River, and associated pipeline and umbilical (VIC/PL43 and VIC/PL006401(V) to the Orbost Gas Plant.

The Gippsland Offshore Operations fields and associated infrastructure are in Commonwealth waters and the Patricia Baleen and Sole pipeline and umbilicals are within Commonwealth and State waters. Water depths across the Gippsland Offshore Operations assets range from 9 m to 263 m.

This Environment Plan (EP) is submitted as a revision of the Patricia-Baleen EP and the Basker-Manta-Gummy Non-Production Phase EP to include the operations phase of the Sole Development.

The scope of the activities related to the Gippsland Offshore Operations and covered by this EP are:

Operation of the Sole gas field consisting of the following infrastructure:

  • The Sole-3 and Sole-4 production wells;
  • A 65 km subsea pipeline and umbilical connecting the Sole-3 and Sole-4 wells to the Orbost Gas Plant; and
  • The suspended well, Sole-2

Non-productive phase of the BMG and associated shut-in infrastructure consisting of:

  • Basker-2, Basker-3, Basker-4, Basker-5, Basker-6 (ST-1), Basker-7 and Manta 2A wells (& associated subsea equipment);
  • The Basker-A Manifold (BAM) and associated subsea equipment;
  • Static and flexible flowlines, service lines and control umbilicals associated with the BAM and Basker and Manta wells;

Note that all mooring equipment, mid-water and surface equipment associated with the Floating Production Storage and Offloading facility was removed in 2010.

Non-productive phase of the Patricia Baleen fields and associated shut-in infrastructure consisting of:

  • The Patricia-2 and Baleen-4 wells;
  • A 24 km subsea pipeline and umbilical cable connecting the Patricia-2 and Baleen-4 wells to the Patricia Baleen Gas Plant; and
  • The suspended well, Patricia-1.

Inspection, maintenance and repair activities on the BMG, Patricia Baleen and Sole infrastructure from vessels.

Commonwealth waters adjacent to
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VIC/L21 Opens in new window , VIC/PL31 Opens in new window , VIC/RL13 Opens in new window , VIC/RL14 Opens in new window , VIC/RL15 Opens in new window , VIC/L32 Opens in new window , VIC/PL43 Opens in new window

Mr Iain MacDougall

General Manager Operations

Level 8, 70 Franklin St


Telephone: +61 8 8100 4900



*Where an environment plan was submitted or accepted prior to 28 February 2014 certain information is not published, in accordance with the Environment Regulations in place at that time. For accepted EPs, refer to the attached EP Summary for additional information.