Van Gogh Infill and Installation

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Van Gogh Infill and Installation
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Significant modification of a facility
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Quadrant PVG Pty Ltd
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Revision (Change of Circumstances or Operations)
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Van Gogh Infill Installation

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Submission of proposed revision to an accepted EP 16/11/2018 NOPSEMA decision 17/12/2018 Not applicable
Request for further information 07/12/2018 Titleholder action 30/12/2018 Not applicable
Submission of further information 11/12/2018 NOPSEMA decision 25/12/2018 Not applicable
Acceptance of EP 17/12/2018 Titleholder action 27/12/2018 Decision notification (pdf 173 KB)
Submission of EP summary 17/12/2018 NOPSEMA decision 27/12/2018 Not applicable
Publication of EP summary 24/12/2018 Not applicable Not applicable
Activity started 28/12/2018 Not applicable Not applicable
Activity stopped 11/01/2019 Not applicable Not applicable

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Activity description

A revision to the Environment Plan has been submitted to allow for activities to occur in 2019.

Quadrant Energy is licensee of permit area WA-35-L and operates the Van Gogh, Coniston and Novara fields located within. These fields tie back to the existing Ningaloo Vision floating production, storage and offtake (FPSO) facility, which has been operating in the field since 2010.

Infill installation activities need to be undertaken to tie in additional wells to the FPSO.  The scope of this Environment Plan includes connecting the Van Gogh drill centre 2 manifold and two Christmas trees via the respective rigid tie-in spools, as well as connecting gas lift jumpers and the Electro-Hydraulic Flying Lead from the Christmas trees to the manifold. Testing and commissioning will also be completed.

Following completion of the activities under this EP, operation of the facility is covered under the NOPSEMA accepted Ningaloo Vision Operations EP (Commonwealth Waters).

Commonwealth waters adjacent to
Western Australia
Titles (or other instruments)

Mr Tim Robinson

HSE Manager, Operations and Projects

Quadrant PVG Pty Ltd

Level 7, 100 St Georges Terrace

PERTH  WA  6000

Telephone: +61 8 6218 7100



*Where an environment plan was submitted or accepted prior to 28 February 2014 certain information is not published, in accordance with the Environment Regulations in place at that time. For accepted EPs, refer to the attached EP Summary for additional information.