Baleen 2D HR Seismic Survey

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Baleen 2D HR Seismic Survey
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Seismic survey
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Asset Energy Pty Ltd
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Submission of new EP 04/07/2017 NOPSEMA decision 03/08/2017 Not applicable
Not reasonably satisfied – opportunity to modify EP 03/08/2017 Titleholder action 02/09/2017 Decision notification (pdf 137 KB)
Extension of timeframe 17/08/2017 Titleholder action 15/10/2017 Not applicable
Extension of timeframe 05/10/2017 Titleholder action 31/10/2017 Not applicable
Resubmission of EP 31/10/2017 NOPSEMA decision 30/11/2017 Not applicable
Request for further information 30/11/2017 Titleholder action 21/12/2017 Not applicable
Submission of further information 21/12/2017 NOPSEMA decision 11/01/2018 Not applicable
Acceptance of EP 10/01/2018 Titleholder action 22/01/2018 Decision notification (pdf 707 KB)
Submission of EP summary 19/01/2018 NOPSEMA decision 29/01/2018 Not applicable
Publication of EP summary 16/02/2018 Not applicable
Activity started 09/04/2018 Not applicable Not applicable
Activity stopped 19/04/2018 Not applicable
End of operation of EP notification accepted 06/09/2018 NOPSEMA decision Not applicable

* The next event is based on NOPSEMA’s understanding and expectation of what may occur next in the assessment process. There are a number of other events that may occur, and events may happen sooner or later than expected. All events will be published in this table as and when they take place.

Activity description

Environmental Performance Report - Baleen 2D HR Seismic Survey

Asset Energy Pty Ltd, as the Titleholder, proposes to undertake a high resolution two dimensional (2D) seismic site survey located in offshore Commonwealth waters, New South Wales (NSW). The survey comprises 46 2D lines of total length 208km. The survey will be conducted in an area of 12.25 square kilometres (km^2) plus a single 2D tie line, to the surface location of the exploration well: New Seaclem‐1, of ~50km length.

Acquisition is likely to be undertaken in the period of 15 March to 31 May 2018, excluding the period 23 March to 8 April surrounding Easter 2018. The duration of the survey is conservatively estimated to be between 3 to 4 days and will be undertaken using a purpose‐built survey vessel equipped with the necessary hardware to conduct a seismic acquisition survey. For the purposes of this Environment Plan, it is assumed that the survey vessel will be the Pacific Conquest (IMO 8600741).

Seismic and drilling operations have previously been undertaken by Asset Energy in PEP‐11 in the vicinity of the proposed survey area. The most recent offshore drilling campaign was in 2010, following the submission of an Environmental Plan (EP) (Report Number M08324:2, Revision 6) by RPS on behalf of Asset Energy in November 2010.

 Extensive geophysical data have been acquired in the offshore PEP‐11 permit over the past 30 years which has demonstrated considerable indications of an active hydrocarbon system.

The purpose of this campaign is to further the understanding of the shallow subsurface geology and the potential drilling hazards over a prospect in the area of interest through the acquisition of high resolution geophysical data (2D seismic site survey). 

New South Wales
Commonwealth waters adjacent to
New South Wales
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