Conditions of employment

All NOPSEMA employees must comply with the following conditions of employment:

Australian Public Service (APS) Code of Conduct and Values

NOPSEMA adheres to and promotes the APS Code of Conduct and Values. This requires all employees to exercise the highest ethical standards, behave with honesty, integrity, care, diligence, respect and courtesy. As a NOPSEMA employee you are expected at all times to uphold the reputation of NOPSEMA.

Conflict of interest

On commencement, NOPSEMA employees must declare financial, trading and other personal interests that may be, or may be perceived as, a conflict of interest.  This includes shares and financial interests in the oil and gas sector held directly by employees and/or their immediate family. 

Medical assessment

NOPSEMA employees are required to complete a pre-employment medical assessment. In addition, employees who are expected to go offshore undergo medical assessment every two years and training in helicopter and underwater escape techniques. These assessments are organised and paid for by NOPSEMA.

Security clearance

Employees of NOPSEMA may be required to undergo a security vetting process.

Australian residency/citizenship

Generally, all NOPSEMA employees are required to be Australian Citizens. 

Time offshore

The requirement for inspectors to go offshore is approximately eight times per year, usually for three days at a time in standard operating conditions.


Employment with NOPSEMA is subject to a probationary period of six months.